Nevada Collection

Made of faux wood and flawless HS Polyvinyl, you can’t go wrong with the Nevada collection at H & F Curtains and Blinds. We offer a wide range of Nevada shutters in 9 colours—5 kinds of whites (vivid white, bright white, silk white, white, and ecru) and 4 neutral and grey tones (phantom, moonlight, armoury, and lunar). You can choose from four louver sizes—63mm, 76mm, 89mm Elliptical, and 89mm Urban. All our Nevada shutters are marvelous window décor, long-lasting, of a 10-year warranty, and have impeccable insulation quality.

Hampton collection

Our Hampton collection at H & F Curtains and Blinds is comprised of faux wood shutters that are made from superior HS Polyvinyl, the type that looks perfect for window decor. You can choose between two colours and 4 Louver sizes. We offer sizes 63mm, 76mm, 89mm Elliptical, and 89mm Urban. With its insulation and waterproof qualities, you can trust our Hampton collection to last longer than you expected.


The Madison Collection have hardwood shutters designed to provide you with the ultimate bespoke shutter. Each shutter is designed for you to have the ultimate bespoke shutter capturing a flawless finish showcasing one of the five contemporary urban colours ranging from bright white to anthracite grey or the four stunning textured wood grain finishes.

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